Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Essie - Your Hut or Mine

Hello everyone! So, yeah... Tuesday Toes. I think I'll only post those when I've got something "cool" on my toes. Like the floral design I did. That's cooler than just plain painted toes! lol.

Today I'm wearing Essie Your Hut or Mine. It's a medium pink with a lot of pink and gold micro shimmer. I love, love, love this color! If you were to have the pink itself without the micro shimmer, then it would be pretty boring, but the micro shimmer adds a wow factor to it. Anyway, here are some bad pics.

I was trying pretty hard to capture the shimmer, but I just couldn't get it! The last pics shows it in the bottle, but not on my nails. Steph from Imperfectly Painted had some great shimmer shots though, so if you're interested I'm sending you over to her post!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Thats a great color, it's now on my wish list!

  2. I love that color, it's so pretty! :)